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Joshua Slocum master mariner, set sail from Boston on April 24, to attempt to become the first person to sail around the world alone.


Joshua Slocum arrived home as the first person to sail alone around the world and became known as “The New World Columbus.”


Sailing Alone Around the World, a sailing memoir by Joshua Slocum, shared his story of global circumnavigation aboard the sloop Spray. The book was highly influential in inspiring later travellers. The book was a best seller and is still in print today. He is one of the mast famous sailors to this day, inspiring millions.


More than a century later, Pretty Rugged founder, Tracy Slocum, dreamt of having a practical yet beautiful blanket to warm up the whole family while boating on chilly nights.


Realizing the blanket of her dreams did not exist, and after a re-read of her famous ancestor’s acclaimed book, she channeled his celebrated perseverance and made one herself. She used modern materials inspired by those available in her great-great-grandfather’s day: luxurious fur on one side with a waterproof and windproof backing on the other.


Tracy’s can-do spirit and adventurous roots came to bear and she took the plunge to formalize the business - the Pretty Rugged brand was born. The business’ core attribute would be quality-crafted with­ an innovative twist, just like the boats Joshua Slocum curated in his day. Plush faux fur and weatherproof RuggedTex® fabric are the perfect marriage of modern, easy-care materials, designed to provide years of luxury, performance, and style.


The rave reviews started pouring in from family and friends and it became clear that The Pretty Rugged Blanket wasn’t just for boaters so Tracy took her new product on-the-road – to fashion shows, trade expos, and networking events - and immediately won a best new product award.


Following in her great-great-great grandfather’s wake, Tracy’s award-winning, Pretty Rugged brand can be found all over the world on boats circling the globe and in countless other locations sharing warmth as memories are made.


August 2018

August 2018 The Baby and Pet Blankets were born! Adding useful and luxurious items to the award-winning full-size blanket family!