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Waterproof & Windproof

Our custom RuggedTex® fabric is built to keep you dry.

Built to Last

Designed to be your favorite outdoor companion for years to come.

Luxurious Faux Fur

The perfect mixture of warmth and softness in 4 distinct styles.

Easy To Clean

Just wipe it off with a damp cloth and problem solved.

How big is The Pretty Rugged Blanket? Will it fit two people?

The Pretty Rugged Blanket is an ample ­50” x 70” (about 4 ft. x 6 ft.). We like sharing – and these blankets were made for it! You can easily drape one over your lap and the lap of someone you like (hopefully), with plenty of room to keep warm and snuggly!


What’s the zippered pocket for?

It serves two functions. First, it stores your personal items and keeps them safe and dry. Second, it provides a large imprint area (18’’ x 18”) for the embroidery of your name, initials or custom artwork – without compromising the waterproof qualities of the RuggedTex® backing.


So my Pretty Rugged Blanket can be personalized?

Yes! For a small fee, we can embroider your name, initials, logo or custom artwork on the zippered pocket. Imprint specifications and pricing are on the Shopping Cart at checkout.


Is it really waterproof?

YES! The blanket backing and zippered pocket are constructed of 100% waterproof, windproof, spillproof RuggedTex® fabric. The faux fur side is not waterproof; but the blanket backing will protect the fur (and you!) from the elements.


Is The Pretty Rugged Blanket machine washable?

Spot clean, machine washable delicate no heat, delicate dry no heat, dry clean for best results.


What should I do if the RuggedTex® backing gets dirty?

Wipe with damp cloth. Problem solved!


What should I do if the fur gets wet?

Blot the liquid with paper towels until most of it is absorbed; then lay the blanket out flat and allow it to air dry. After it dries, if the fur fibers are stuck together, take a comb to that area, separate the fur fibers.


How long is the fur?

The Navy Mink and White Mink blankets are the same faux fur in a different color; the pile is about a half inch long. The Silver Fox faux fur is a little more than an inch long.


Is The Pretty Rugged Blanket available in other fur colors or styles?

We plan on expanding The Pretty Rugged line quickly – so check back often. Even better, sign-up for our email shout-outs to keep up-to-date with special sales, new arrivals and seasonal promotions!


What is your return policy?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If anything is wrong with your blanket we will fix it or replace it. Blankets customized with embroidery or artwork are non-refundable unless defective in their manufacture.


What happens if this becomes my family’s favorite blanket and I don’t want to share?

Just know that you are not alone. So rather than break up a family, we suggest buying a Pretty Rugged Blanket for everyone in your household (or hide yours in a safe, secure place).


Is wholesale pricing available? How about quantity discounts?

Absolutely! Click here for more information or call our toll-free number 1-833-778-4433