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Albany's Times Union Features Pretty Rugged Founder, Tracy Slocum, in Their Woman@Work Column

by Tracy Arakelian |

The Times Union recently hosted Tracy Slocum, Pretty Rugged's founder, in their popular Woman@Work column. 

They write in their article, "The blanket was never intended as a means for starting a new company, Slocum Arakelian said. She made her first blanket just for herself, with help from her husband, a third-generation clothing manufacturer. Realizing she wanted a few more to offer friends on the boat, she stitched together additional blankets, but they were all intended for personal use and not for sale. When others began to comment on the blankets — which she took beyond the boat to sporting events and concerts — 'I realized I had something,' she said."

The article also touched on the unique history behind the blanket's creation. They write, "The unseen element of the blanket might be the most compelling. Slocum Arakelian is a direct descendant of Joshua Slocum, the first man to circumnavigate the globe by sailboat, solo. 'It was in his spirit that I created this blanket. He used things like this on his boat, though they were likely pelts,' she said. In 1900, Joshua Slocum published an international bestseller with 'Sailing Alone Around the World,'; and nine years later, he lost his life at sea."

To read the full article click here.